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About Loutech

Loutech has been in business since 1986. Our expertise is developed in the CNC Lathes machining manufacturing Services.  Our in-house expertise in machining puts us in an ideal position to provide, not only a wide range of Aluminum connector shells but also custom solutions for non standard applications.

The process that we go through is as important to us as the results are to our clients. We specifically design our process for every project based upon each client’s unique needs. Our reliability and extreme customer service brings our customers back every time!

Machining Capabilities

Loutech is well known for our ability to produce high precision turned parts ranging from 5/8-3.0 inch in diameter. We specialize in metal connectors. Our 30 CNC machines are state of the art equipment that runs three shifts 7 days a week.  We provide our clients with CMM-Optiv Measurements QC Reports to your specifications.


Loutech provides services to

  • Aerospace/Avionic
  • Military/ Defense
  • Automotive/transportation
  • Industrial/ Commercial
  • Medical



Customer Commitments

We are committed to meet the demands of tight tolerances, high quality and a reliable product every time and continually surpass our client’s unique expectations with a partnership approach and excellent customer service.


ISO 9001  

AS9100 REV. C


332710-Machine Shops

334417 Electronic Connector Mfg.

336411 Aircraft Mfg

336992 Military Armored Vehicle Tank and Tank Component Mfg.

Loutech Cage Code CCR # 5LXD1